STGO/MILAN was founded the second of november of 2002. That day, at ten o’clock the first customer enters, an elegant gentleman. It was a very excited moment! He walked around the store and bought a coffee table of the Italian firm Elam, and before leaving he told me: ” Quality is everything and quality is taught, learned and assimilated. If you continue with these Italian products you will make a fortune”.

After 11 years, we have grown with passion and perseverance, without betraying our own identity. The memory of this first client has been and will be our philosophy because we are confident that the Italian design will always be the best.

We will continue growing. But also, we will remain the same.

STGO/MILAN is a design, architecture and decoration concept which advocates the management of spaces in a more rational way. All our brands are original pieces designed by the greatest architects and designers of the XX century, also new talents of the actual design. Mayor international distribuitor of design firms as Minotti, Porro, Alivar, and much more.